Meet Our Team

Danielle Rinard— I am new to this and once I started, I realized I probably should have let someone else set it up. :) I hope you all are in the same boat and we can learn together. I think this is really neat and am excited to learn how to use this.
I live in West Virginia (teach in Ohio) and have 3 kids. I have a 7yr old, 5 yr. old, and a 6 month old. Most of the time I work on classwork after my kids go to bed around 9:00. I look forward to learning about this and chatting with you. Now if I can figure out to save this and I need to invite the professor. Plus I am nervous to log out in fear I can not log back on. :)

Hi Danielle. Thanks for setting this up for us. I have no idea about this hense I have never used a site like this before. I live in Maine and right now the Fall colors are beautiful. I also have two girls ages 5 and 7. I am a very proud mother of two. I do most of my course work at night as well when the girls are in bed. I am interested to find out how this site works and how it relates to better communication between staff members. Talk to you soon. ~Jen

Hi Danielle, Thank you for getting this started. When I sat down at my computer tonight, I was so glad that someone got it started. Yes, we will all learn together. I live in Minnesota and we are experiencing some very warm weather for this time of year. It was 87 degrees today. I have 5 children, 3 son-in-laws, and 4 cats. My youngest is now in college and my husband and I are left with the cats. I work on my course work in the evenings after I work on my special education paperwork. Janet

Good evening Danielle,
I appreciate you jumping in to create this. I think I was too intimidated to try it. Well, here is my story. I live in Dayton, Ohio and it is fall here. It is very beautiful especially when the temperatures are warm and not too hot. I love seeing the changing of the leaves and cool nights. I have 7 dogs and 4 rabbits. I live in the country on 5 acreas and work 2 full time jobs. I was suppose to leave for a special school in Sept 2010, but my job has postponed it. I will be graduating November 12 and I am very excited. I want to wish everyone good luck in their future endeuvors and I hope to still be able to talk with you in the future. Have a wonderful evening.

Hello everyone!
This site is still very confusing to navagate; however, week six is asking us to organize and post evidence based strategies for a SWPBS under three categories. How do we want to set this up? Should we use collumns or separate pages? We still need to invite Louanne to this so she can monitor our progress. I will search around to try and answer my own questions. Please post your thoughts. ~ Jen